Friday, November 28, 2008

Plumber Man

I love reading The Green Phone Booth . But my apologies to Grean Bean, Burbanmom, MamaBird (aka Jess Trev), The Purloined Letter and The Greeen Sheeep. But I notice something is missing:
Where the hell is the token Man???

I ask you ladies, would the League of Justice be the same without Wonder Woman? Would the fantastic four be fantastic without Invisible Girl/Woman?

Ladies and Gentlemen- I give you my alter-eco-ego

Can unclog plugged toilets with a single plunge, The Plumber Man has those special butt-crack muscles. Able to stop gushing leaks with a simple twist of a Pipe wrench; And he has the ability to fuse together PVC pipe with very little glue, He even has his own song-

Plumber Man (sung to the tune of "Spider Man")
Plumber man, plumber man,
Can make it flush like no one can
Stop a Leak? He’ll give it a try-
No more drips, now it’s dry
Look out here comes the Plumber Man
Now I am not giving a resume, nor am I applying for membership into the green phone booth but please remember that not all green super heroes are female!


Anonymous said...

I love it!!! You made me laugh out loud.

Chile said...

LOL, Rob. Oh, sorry. Plumber Man! Wanna come find the leaks in our drip irrigation system? You'd get to play in the mud.

ROFLMAO - my verification word is: magggic. Seems appropriate.