Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Buying Local

Green Phone Booth Babes- I hear you, and I am looking forward to your Blog Carnival. I am reminded about the post I did a few months ago, Burien Businesses and Community. I discovered the Burien business community, all the way from natural pet food to Crepes! I have always been a believer in buying local. In fact one of the challenges I faced during Crunchy's Pioneer Week was food- I am a big restaurant guy.. nocracks about the "big" part- anyway I feel that when you buy from a local restaurant, you are supporting the local economy and local jobs. There are some great restaurants here in the Burien/Seattle area- Hey Paison! a deli, won the King 5 Best of western Washington "Best Sandwich Shop", and I expect Our local creperie, Crepe It, will do well next year. We have the Natural Pet Pantry, which sells homemade dog food, that I have always been tempted to get out a fork and join the pups in eating the Pantry Stew. It smells so good! We also have the Austrailian Pie company who pack your lunch items in paper as opposed to plastic. And top that off with the Elliot Bay Brewery who make their burgers with organic Black Angus beef raised on Vashon Island. Spent grain from the brewing process is used to make their burger buns.They serve Tony's organic Fair Trade coffee. And beer. And they make their own beer! Yep local is doing well in Burien, Washington. Like my farmer Uncle Russ used to tell me, as he ate supper everyday at The Viking Cafe in Fairdale N.D., you must always support the local bussiness men (and women) as they are the cornerstone to the local economy. Actually he never really said that. But it was an important lesson to me that he never shopped out of his area. Buying Local is not a new concept, but it has been around for awhile!

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