Monday, November 24, 2008

Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin Laid an egg...

Well call me crazy- but I put Christmas lights on the house today. Yup Christmas Lights. Those evil little users of electricity. But these are not just any lights. These are LED lights, So they will not be using a great deal of electricity. And i only put up one string, which was more than enough! And I put them on a neat little timer/photo switch- they will only turn on when it gets dark and stay on for the alloted time, then turn themselves off. I felt good about the lights as I didn't put any up for two years, and no tree last year (remember I had contractors putting up an addition on the house). I really do love lights, more than most anything at christmas time. It feels like my Christmas card to the world. Now I have to decide if I put Santa on the roof. Yes Beth, my Fake Plastic Santa with a cfl shoved up his butt so he is lit.
Santa is lit. Reminds me of Uncle Torvald.

"He would take a drink in the morning,
his Nerves to improve,
By noon he was so unwound
He could hardly move"

That's other thing I love about christmas- Stan Boreson songs like "I yust go nuts at Christmas" and "All I want for Christmas"

Ah Stan Boreson- now there is a Seattle Childhood memory for ya, dontcha know!

And a little video of Vinter Underver

And speaking of Stan Boreson here is a fave Clip from "Almost Live"

More info on Ballard
And just when you thought I was done goofing on Ballard, Almost Live! has this gem:


Chile said...

LOL, funny videos! Rob, is Ballard really close to Burien? Or do you just like to goof on it because it's so easy?

Robj98168 said...

Chile- quite honestly, I goof on Ballard because I am Norwegian, and that is what Seattle Scandinavians do, and yes I have pretty much that same car. Ballard is north of Burien, about 15 minutes- I believe that our infamous Crunchy CHicken Lives there. Ballard hasn't been little scandinavia for a long time- but is really an up and coming urban neighborhood with cute buildings and houses and great shops and such.

Chile said...

Aha! I didn't realize you were Norwegian... Funny, I don't notice a lot of bland white food on your blog. ;-P

Robj98168 said...

Bland White Food- I has it. But unfortunately, man does not live by bland alone