Thursday, November 20, 2008


Matsu Apples

I planted the matsu apple tree today- I know it is not the right time of year for apple tree planting, but figured it was as good a time as any considering I paid $5 for the tree! Goes against my planned Columnar orchid too, but hey, it is a $5 apple tree!If it doesn't grow I am out just $5! And one thing I have good luck with is unwanted plants that need TLC ( The golden plum in my front yard was a close out at Raintree nursery)


Anonymous said...

We planted our apple tree in the fall because we got a crazy discount. That was 2006 and it is still hanging in there!

Farmer's Daughter said...

We grow those apples, but around here they're called Mutsu or Crispin. I like them for applesauce or baking but not so much for eating. They do get really big, which always makes them an impressive apple.