Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekly Challenge Update

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Week 21
Plant something: Did buy a Matsu Apple Tree at Lowes that went on close out for $5
Prep something: Put up the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds into mason jars, made some peanut butter and made Leek and potato soup for this week and froze the soup to warm it up
Harvest something- Some lettuce, some beans, some peas
Manage something: Made some Bell Cloches out of plastic pop bottles, hoping they kick start the kale plants; Ordered another programmable thermostat for the Dining room/ Kitchen
Cook Something New: Made some of Crunchy’s Cream Cheese Was still doing it's thing in the fridge- can't wait to taste it! UPDATE 11/09 Ate some of the cream cheese this morning on a bagel- Crunchy you are a geniuos!!!
Work on Local Food Systems: Just shopping at green grocers
Re-Cycle, Re-Use, Re-Duce, Repair or Compost something: Made bell Cloche’s out of 2 liter pop bottles, threw dead sunflower stalks into yard waste bin
Learn a skill: Learned that Pioneer Week should be done with out me!

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: Went dumpster diving and found two plastic Jack O’ Lanterns- going to use them for decoration next Halloween- ordered two programmable thermostats suitable for baseboard heaters (I have fan forced wall heaters- they use the same thermostats) One for my house and one for a gift. Bought some items to make Rudolph ornament gift tags with; Did buy a Matsu Apple Tree at Lowes that went on close out for $5

Beansprout's Make a Christmas Gift Challenge: Getting busy on the headboard for mom. Decided not to make her a Murphy bed- She doesn’t have the room for it. So I guess it is take the roll-away over there when she needs a spare bed for guests. Started making ornaments to use as gift tags!

Crunchy’s Freeze Yer Balls off Challenge: Got the thermostats set at 65 when we are there and awake, 55 when we are asleep or gone. Ordered two more programmable thermostats, One for the dining room/kitchen and one for a gift.

Sergeant Chile’s Operation Clean Out- Private Rob is reporting for duty Ma'am Yes Ma'am! Starting again in the garage- seems the enemy took over the garage and I must liberate it!

Crunchy’s Pioneer Week Update: Not so “pioneery” to end the week- Went to work on Saturday and bought Chinese food, And forgot about being a pioneer last night and got busy watching TV (You know I love The Nanny!) Fell asleep on the couch woke up burning to death- here was Topaz (aka “Stu”) the 75 pound Chocolate Lab sleeping on my legs. And Sammy Cat sleeping on my chest! Nothing like a big old stupid dog and a wily little kitty to warm you up! Certainly makes me appreciate the concept of a three dog night!

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