Sunday, November 23, 2008

Make do and Mend Challenge Check In

Make Do and Mend Challenge: Well everyone- here we are in the End of November, and I know all of you have been busylittle beavers mending clothing, household items, duct taping cars! If I owned a company I would hire all of you for my workforce!

This week, I am getting ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday, so I fixed a pot Lid and repaired a Roasting Rack in time to prepare the Roast Beast on Thursday. Normally I would put the Roast Beast on the rotisserie, but wanted to do it in the oven, where I will cook the potatoes and Veggies at the same time!
Made up some more Bel Cloches from pop bottles for plants. Fixed a small cookie sheet that goes into my broiler oven so it will actually fit my broiler oven (It is one I picked up at thrift store)- Just a hair too wide- got inventive with pliers and bent the edges so it would fit! What Creative repairs did everyone else do this week?


Chile said...

Fixed the lid to a little potpourri pot for the yard sale. My sweetie's just about finished my new clothesline holder, reusing the original mechanism from the plastic one. The faucet filter repair held up and is installed.

After reading about dry bags for used cloth wipes, I retrieved the nylon gear bag from the yard sale box and restrung it to use in the back bathroom.

Hopefully I'll get to a drawer front today; it keeps falling off.

fullfreezer said...

We took advantage of Sunday's nice weather (51 degrees!!) and my hubby climbed onto the roof to repair the chimney before it collapsed. I managed to patch the rip in the comforter from dog claw (Grrr- he's not supposed to be on the bed but it's his favorite spot) and did a few other sewing repairs.

Mary said...

I finally finished that 100-year-old lampshade! I'm waiting on a blog post for a picture of the finished shade back on the lamp.

This week I hope to finish covering an antique wool blanket with a new quilt top and back for DH. The blanket belonged to his grandma and he was going to give it to the dogs! We have plenty of crappy acrylic blankets for that!

Condo Blues said...

I'm living through my husband because he said he'd take the lead on fixing my car himself instead of taking it in. He changed my dead battery and cleaned the very croaded(sp) terminatal.