Saturday, May 22, 2010

Freecycle strikes again!

You never know. I was looking on craig's list, etc for buckets- in particular 5 gallon buckets, more than my current "supplier" could do. After seeing them for prices like Just $1 each, and 30 miles away- it is a good thing I took a look at Recycle SWK, my local Freecycle site, as there was a gal giving away her Kitty Litter buckets! So I go them. And just a couple of blocks away! For Free! Help someone else keep them out of the waste stream. What am I gonna do with all them buckets?
Well, I have a plan to use them as garden planters. You will see. They will become my new garden beds. I plan to put them on a scrap piece of plywood or cardboard for a weedblock, and just fill them (after drilling drain holes) and put them up, side by side in a grouping. A lot easier than building one out of cement blocks, or wood. And in one spot in the front yard, They will be the liner for a planter I plan on building under my front window. And I could use a few of them for... well Kitty Litter- since I buy large bags of wood stove pellets to use as kitty litter- would make an easy way to store them! Wood stove pellets=Feline Pine. Same thing. At least it looks and acts the same. Anyway - Sammy poops in it!
SO how about you? Do you freecycle... and what's the best thing you got off of it? Poll Time:

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