Sunday, May 9, 2010

Betty White is a goddess! The Weekly Challenge Update

Boy, Betty White killed on SNL last night! Probably the most entertaining SNL Mothers Day show in years! I used to love when the cast's mothers would guest star. Oh well on to the challenges:
1. Plant something: Tomato plants,

2. Harvest something: nothing

3. Preserve something: nothing

4. Waste Not: Cut up the leek greens (I made leek and potato soup this week) and froze them to use in stock later.

5. Want Not: Repaired my cell phone car charger, Made up some produce bags form burlap bags and mesh bags from Trader Joe's,2 bulk cardboard egg containers to use for seed starting; some tin cans, three large 5+ gallon planters... A landscaper was planting trees, I walked by and asked him what he was going to do with the black plastic planters they came in, he said "do you want them?.. they are now mine!

6. Preparation and Storage: Finalizing plans to redo my laundry/pantry/mud room. Going to put in new storage shelves, a new floor, paint and a new door with a window in it!

7.Build Community Food Systems: Got some tools together for the new community garden to keep. Attended the Farmers' Market and bought some leeks, soap, tomato plants and some homemade fudge! Also left a bag of canned food in the Letter Carriers Food Drive out on the mail box

8. Eat the Food (cook or eat something new): Some leek and potato soup from the leeks I bought at the farmers market

Garden Challenge Extreme Evangelist Edition- Planted some of my tomato plants; got some tools together for the community garden to keep.

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