Wednesday, May 26, 2010


About a year ago, I did a post on how someone at work had started a free corner- In essence making their own little free cycle group at work. Well now those great folks at Free Cycle and Intuit have teamed up and introduce Freecycle At Work, basically a freecycle site that allows your corporate entity to become a free cycling group, promoting reuse at the office.


Simple- You just post things you wish to give away.
What can you post? Anything you wish: household items, kitchen goods, lawn care, tools, office supplies, electronics. When you're done using your stuff, give it away. Others will feel differently and give your old stuff a new life.
You may choose to repurpose office equipment that your team isn't using. An unused file cabinet or printer may be needed by another team. You can mark items as personal or company owned to differentiate between them.
Anyone interested in your stuff can easily contact you through the application. From that point, it's a matter of you bringing your stuff to work and then having your coworker pick it up.

Sounds pretty easy, yes?I see many great benefits- you get to find like minded folk at work, an advantage over regular free cycle would be not having to drive to get an item- the item is "car pooled" to work and then to it's new home.

A new use for free cycle. I see this catching on. I am off to sign up!

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