Saturday, May 8, 2010

No 'poo before No 'poo Was Cool!

Going bald at a young age gave me some advantages- 1- I can and do cut my own hair which simply involves a hair clipper and extremely short cut and saves me at least $10 a pop per haircut(the going rate last time I visited a barber- You get no discounts for having less hair!) . And you know, I have been all about "No Poo" since my hair fell out. Never made sense to spend alot of money on shampoo, conditioner since I didn't have hair- so I started using the same soap I would shower with. Recently it dawned on me... "I was no poo before no poo was cool!" Never thought going bald would give me an eco-advantage! But I listen to everyone talk about the shampoo issue... "Have you tried baking soda for shampoo?... What about my hair... Does Vinegar as a rinse make you smell like a salad bar... What's in my shampoo???...WHat the hell are Parabins??? AAAGH"... Blah Blah Blah.
Well anyone who reads this blog should know I am a believer in Dr. Bronner's Magic Pure Castile Classic Soaps. You can use this stuff for everything. I use it to wash my body, my hair, my dishes, my dog. Recently I made the transition from the liquid soap to the Bar version. It doesn't last as long but I didn't have to worry about that pesky plastic bottle either. Recently I have discovered locally made bar soaps that are hand made and good for the skin. The skin, you know, is the largest sex organ on your body. You should treat it nice! Anyway I digress! The two products are Ballard Organics, made in the Ballard area of Seattle, and Lilie De Vallee, made in Samamish, Wa. I get the Ballard Organics at the Eat Local store here in Burien, and found Lilie De Valle at the Burien Farmers' Market. The list of ingredients in Lilie De Vallee are simple: Oils of olive, Coconut, Vegetable Palm and Castor, Grapefruit Seed, Extract, Jojoba, Shea Butter, Herbal Ingredients, Distilled Water. And the ingredients in Ballard Organics is similar: Saponified Organic Palm, Coconut, Olive and Castor Oils, Organic Cocoa Butter, Essential Oils, non-GMO Tocopherol (Vitamin -E). I have not tried any as shaving soap yet, but those ingredients sound better than the Colonel Conk's shaving soap I use now for shaving, and at least they are wrapped in paper.

Don't read me wrong- I am not giving up on Dr. Bronner. I am just giving Ballard and Samamish a shot.

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