Friday, May 28, 2010

Bucket Garden Cost Rundown

Never known as one not to beat a dead horse, more on the Kitty Litter Buckets
Here is the Cost Rundown for my bucket garden from yesterday.
  1. 12 Kitty litter Buckets- Free from Free Cycle............$0.00
  2. 12 Empty pop/water bottles- Free from garbage.......$0.00
  3. 10 Feet of 1/4" Vinyl Tubing from Lowes................$2.98
  4. 1 large piece of furniture cardboard from dumpster...$0.00
the joys of freecycle and dumpster diving TOTAL= $2.98

Pretty cheap! The point is anyone can make a great garden for almost no money. All you need is a tad bit of space to put it somewhere sunny, and give it a bit of water!
Once again if you have access to a roof top, a balcony or patio with sun, you can have a garden! It takes less than 16 square feet (2'X8') to put one in. And the best thing is it is portable- you can take your garden with you.

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Ann Flower said...

Thanks for sharing the tips on creating a bucket garden. Will create one very soon.