Monday, May 10, 2010

DIY Produce Bags

I am getting into using my own Produce bags. What I have done before is just put the orange or banana or apple with my other groceries on the checkout belt without a bag, for some reason checkout clerks hate that! Or I just reuse the produce bags and Big Bertha, the check out clerk never is the wiser! I just wash them (rarely need too) and stuff them in my pockets when I go to the store. But then I get to think about the eco- mantras about not using more material… and I start to think maybe there is a better way! And every so often I need sturdy little produce bags. So I got to thinking (always dangerous) about how I could I, make my own produce bags, even though I don't sew?
I got these cool burlap bags that my raspberry plants and some strawberry plants came in. Just add a draw string and voila! A produce bag! Probably make great Christmas wrappings too
These little burlap bags are easy to add a drawstring to- or a shoestring -which I had lying around
Originally they came with these paper clamp thingys- another great way to keep the top closed!

Mesh Produce Bags:

I made these up from those little mesh bags from Trader Joe's- You know the ones that new/baby potatoes, avocados and limes come in? Super easy to put a drawstring through, simply weave the string through the mesh holes about every fourth hole.


Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Simply brilliant! I like the burlap, it would go with my burlap rice bag shopping bag. Does it make a difference in the weight of the bag? Does Big Bertha freak out on you now that you bring your own produce bags?

Robj98168 said...

Don't know if Bertha will be freaked out yet or not. I would guess not, she is so use to being freaked out when the potatoes come down the grocery belt unbagged.

Robj98168 said...

PS @ CB- As far as weight goes, I definetely think the burlap weighs enough to add weight to the total-but not enough to concern me the mesh is light and doesn't add weight.

Natasha in Oz said...

Great idea and very Green too! Thanks for the tips.

Best wishes,

gengen said...

I like this one...happy 2nd time around Tuesday....

Anonymous said...

Rob -- It's in the bag, and you are FIERCE!!! The grocery belt and those behind it will never know what hit them!

Burlap is sexy. Re-purposed burlap is sexier.

Nice job!