Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekly Challenge Update

Pretty busy week; in addition to my own garden, My mom and I took "possession" of the plot at the Community Garden, wow more garden space! I should have my head examined, but part of the Growing Challenge Extreme Evangelist edition is teaching people and I am already teaching mom the Square Foot method of gardening, as well as a couple of newbie gardeners

1. Plant something: Tomato plants, cauliflower, broccoli (yes I am trying the *&^%$ again),cucumbers, some lemon grass into pots, some oregano, transplanted some sage, chives, radishes, carrots, chard, fennel, beans, peas
2. Harvest something: foraged some red and white clover flowers, to make tea; also some sage flowers
3. Preserve something: dehydrated/dried the clover flowers, jarred the sage flowers
4. Waste Not: Made a bird feeder from a bottle, used some cardboard for weed block
5: Want not: Got the Mantis type rototiller ready for the community garden, delivered some more tools bought at a garage sale- a rake/hoe tool, shovel, spade and mini duo- hoe
6. Preparation and Storage:
7. Build Community Food Systems: Went to the welcome meeting for the community garden and found the plot that was assigned to us.
8. Eat the Food (cook or eat something new): Made a hamburger with local raised ground beef I bought at the Farmer’s Market-
Garden Challenge Extreme Evangelist Edition- Got the garden plot at the community garden pretty much in. Planted tomatoes, chives, radishes, carrots, chard, fennel, beans, peas to start. The fellow gardeners are all nice people, and it tickles me to see the camaraderie of all. It always amazes me how something so simple as planting a garden brings a diverse group of people together with a common goal

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