Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly Challenge Update

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Year 3, week 18

1. Plant something: Basil; more tomatoes, lettuce, mesclun; Fennel, dill, radishes, kohl rabi, thyme, parsley, more chives, Chard, Nasturtiums, Bak Choy, pumpkins, gourds, peppers, lemon balm

2. Harvest something: Foraged some Pineapple weed the driveway- next time try them for tea- it only takes a tablespoon to make tea; Basil

3. Preserve something: dried (dehydrated) the basil and jarred it

4. Waste Not: Repaired my "Garden Weasel" tool (Oiled the "weasels"); repaired front yard hose- (Mended the hose in the front yard rather than buying new one); got some huge pieces of cardboard from a furniture store for the garden

5: Want not: Bought 12 bags of topsoil (18 Cubic feet); Got 25 "Kitty Litter" Buckets off of freecycle- will use in the garden; got soil for the kitty litter buckets garden

6. Preparation and Storage: nothing

7. Build Community Food Systems: Planted a few items in the community garden, to be destined for the food bank; Had to ask questions of fellow community gardeners for an article for the B-Town Blog

8. Eat the Food (cook or eat something new): Pineapple weed tops in salad:
Garden Challenge Extreme Evangelist Edition- Well I try… Got mom going on the square foot method, and I was planting pumpkin plants and my neighbor’s kid Andrew and his friend Stephanie where interested so I showed them how to plant the plants. Thinking I might buy him his own plant and let him go to town.

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