Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Solar Powered Tiki Torches

Okay so I don't win any Buy nothing challenges. When I walked in the dollar store in Burien they had solar pathway lights. I bought a few. Then I walked in the store last week and they had TIKI TORCHES! Well I put the old noggin in gear and came up with solar powered tiki torches...I have seen these for sale on the interwebs, the cheapest being around $10 to $20, For $2 at the Dollar Store (Dollar Tree) all I had to do was manipulate the threaded hole on the tiki torch with a plier,to make it big enough to shove the solar light into, then I shoved in the solar light minus the pointed stake. I like it-- no messy lamp oil to worry about, no wicks. No Fires, No explosions.


Condo Blues said...

No explosions? Where's the fun in that?

JEANNE said...

Wow, that is a brilliant idea. Clever and useful. Good job.
Hugs, Jeanne

MessyMissy said...

Nice. Simple and expensive....my kind of crafting!! :-)