Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekly Challenge Update

This week I discovered bread pudding! With all the bread from the Strike Headquarters, I needed to figure something out to with part of it, I remembered: My aunt Shirley would make Bread pudding! So in honor of Aunt Shirley I googled a few recipes anf came up with a simple bread pudding. Also still working on the closet in the office/”Guest room”, got the header put up and drywalled, still working on installing a new kitchen window, but it is raining today so who knows if and when I will finish- I discovered a 2 X 4 stud in the cut out that I will have to remove so the job just got harder!

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge:
Plant something: Some beets, radishes
Prep something: Cut some lumber for burn barrels
Harvest something: Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, a few peas, peppers- jalapeno and bell

Manage something: Looked up some recipes for bread pudding
Cook Something New: Bread pudding!
Work on Local Food Systems: Farmer’s market

Recycle, re-use, reduce, repair or Compost something: Composted Old dead zucchini vines, various crap from the garden, Cut up some lumber for burn barrels for the strike line, Re-Used 2 X 4’s to make header for closet door in office

Learn a skill: except for making bread pudding, nothing new

CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS’ 5 MINUTE SHOWER CHALLENGE- Since this challenge has ended, I am still at 5 minutes or less in the shower, still catching warm-up water and have discovered putting bucket back in shower to catch some of the water from my shower (approx. 2 gallons) Helps water the plants and I flush the toilet with it.

MELINDA'S GROWING CHALLENGE Still happy with the Borage, decided it will make a nice planter plant next season, Still unhappy with the broccoli

JENNIFER'S STOP THE LEAKS CHALLENGE Still installing window in the kitchen, turned out there is a 2 X 4 Stud in the way will have to cut it out and then put in header

CRUNCHY CHICKENS' SWEATY BUTT-CRACK CHALLENGE- Well the end of this one! I can happily report my A/C has been quiet, has not run all week or for most of the summer, I had a few lapses and wanted to cool down quickly, but for the most part I figured the ceiling fan with a few windows open (Except when the sun was shining on them) worked better! I can also report that our power usage for the period ending August (we are on bi- monthly billing here) Was significantly lower that the same period last year! So i would call this challenge a success!

CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS' DITCH THE DISPOSABLES CHALENGE -Grabbed my “Kleen Canteen” and a stainless steel coffee mug, and took my plastic bags back to safeway and put them in the recycle bin. Put a non-disposable (Canvas) Bag in each car so as not forget them.


DP Nguyen said...

I love bread pudding. Yum. So glad that you've discovered it. Congrats on keeping up with your challenge.

Melinda said...

So... what's up with the broccoli? Did it just not grow much?

And... they give you bread at the Strike Headquarters?

I loooove bread pudding but I've never made it. Yum.

Robj98168 said...
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Robj98168 said...
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Anonymous said...

Is there a bread pudding recipe?

Robj98168 said...

All- I posted the recipe

Melinda- I don't know whats with this broccoli! But I am not going to give up yet. I will try replanting it.

Robj98168 said...

LOL Melinda- yes they give us bread- franz bakery (formerly Gai's) has always had a tradition of supporting the union during strike time so they give us thier old past pull date bread from their stores. It is very much appreciated. What I like is when Domino's pizza brings in pizzas. They try and give out jobs at domino's as well. It is quite the little community builder at strike HQ!

Melinda said...

Very interesting! LOL. I had no idea. Let's see, work at Domino's or work at Boeing... heh. But if you need the money, you need the money. Have you heard how long it might be - are they close to an agreement yet?

Robj98168 said...

I have delivered for Domino's before-back in college- good money! Oh well. Strike pay starts saturday. As far as an agreement- Managment comes in. The Union says- We need to talk about retirement, pension. The company offers the same contract as before. The same offer that was rejected by 80% of their members. It's hard talking to a brick wall