Saturday, September 27, 2008


The "Shuffle" Bus -Photo
by Scott Eklund/Seattle P-I

I went to a class put on by Seattle Free School in Ballard today. What the SFS Didn't mention was this class was part of Sustainable Ballard Festival! What fun! I got to go to a great class, and have some fun at the same time. There were some Electric Cars there, so I got to see my Suzki Swift redone in Electric, and got to see one of the contenders for my replacement car- It actually is a SUV style, about the same size as Martin's Toaster, and I got to go to Ballard, which is a mecca for Scandinavian Americans living in Seattle. The class was on Growing Sprouts. Very informative- facilitated by Sarah, a SFS Facilitator. Very cool!
Who knew that Sustainable Ballard would hold a festival in honor of little ole' me? (No, I don't have an inflated opinion of my worth now - do I?) The festival runs through tomorrow

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