Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Window is in!

Well guess what - I got the window put in in the kitchen.
It took me a while. And all the lumber used is reclaimed from the demolition phase of the new addition.

And of course I sealed the window. I used "Great Stuff" expanding foam product. I have cans of this stuff. It is also handy to seal up the holes in pots when making water fountains as well as a great expanding foam sealant for cracks and holes. Use it around pipes where they enter into the house, too.

A picture after the Great Stuff does it's job!

I did a strike duty tonight so it is a a quarter to five (AM) so I think I will go off to bed and finish the trim in the morning (or rather the afternoon!)


DP Nguyen said...

What a cool project! Did you cut out the wall to put in the window?

ib mommy said...

That stuff also makes cool skeleton hands!

Nice job on the window. Do you guys have windows in your showers out there? When we lived in Utah all our houses had a window in the shower. I made my husband rip one out and patch it up with some nice solid non-see-through tile.

Robj98168 said...

dp- yes I had to cut out the wall and stud! thats why it took so long

ib- no or rather yes and no, The shower/tub in the hall bathroom has no window in the bathroom and my bathroom in the bedroom has a 4' wide window! A bit excessive.

Verde said...

Nice.... Now for the trim?