Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Missed deadlines: My Macgyver entry

Dammit! I missed the entry deadline for my Macgyver Entry!
Hey Maude- now what the *&^% is he blabbering about?
For those that followed the show, Macgyver made amazing things from everyday objects- so Readymade Magazine has a contest called MacGyver- and this upcoming issue was Prescription Bottle reuses! That's right- new uses for old prescription bottles! I figured since I have so many prescriptions, this was right up my alley! I know Beth at Fake Plastic Fish has been looking for a use for these for awhile. And I know some other folks want a use for them, as well. So my entry, simple as it is, addresses this problem. I simply super glue a metal washer to the cap of a prescription bottle, and yes it must be super glue- all others I tried failed (Elmer's Glue All, any white craft glue, Hot glue gun)But the super glue worked. Then I take a Ikea Asker magnetic knife holder And hang them up, with the little bottles filled with staples, paperclips, small nuts and bolts- You name it. These are also great for spice jars in the kitchen (the larger prescription bottles). And something else I discovered - they will hold a small amount of Dressing or olive oil and don't seem to leak! Great for the lunch box- although I would wash them out very thoroughly first and find out about any rules your employer or school has about bringing salad dressing in a script bottle first!

Anyway- I got messed up on the entry deadline and sent it out today- A day late! Story of my life- I was at the bus station when my boat for fame and fortune( and a free t-Shirt!) came in!

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knutty knitter said...

Nice use there. How about a use for used asthma inhalers. Thats what I always end up with.

viv in nz