Sunday, September 14, 2008

CHALLENGE UPDATE! Or what I didn't get done this week!

I didn't get as much done this week as I would have hope to; strike is still a big deal around this house, Although I did help out at the Stratocruisers Car Show which raises money for variuos charities around the Puget Sound

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge:
Plant something: Nada
Prep something: Finished prepping guest room/closet for storing things
Harvest something: Lettuce, Cucmbers, tomatoes, Green peppers, a few peas
Manage something: Made new planting box; Worked the Stratocruisers car show, which raised money for various charities including Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline, King County Medic One, Pierce County Medic One, The LeMay Museum, Enumclaw Hospital , The Family Renewel Center in Tacoma, Children's Orthopedic Hospital; Still putting in new window in kitchen (still in work)
Cook Something New: Green pepper fritatta
Work on Local Food Systems: Nothing, although did get some bread from strike head quarters
Reuse, reduce, recyle or repair or Compost something: Composted old plants; cut tree limbs;
Learn a skill: Took the WSU Extension Service class"Productive Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces- Planning Raised Beds and Containers"at the Burien Community Center. This got me enthused enought to make a new planter box

CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS’ 5 MINUTE SHOWER CHALLENGE : Still the same, found a new bucket to catch warm up water in, found I collect about a gallon of water if I leave it in while taking a shower!

CRUNCHY CHICKENS' SWEATY BUTT-CRACK CHALLENGE: Even though we have been having real nice weather, and it has gotten warm here the last few days, No A/C use at all except I did turn it on for a few hours after the car show, as I was taking a nap and wanted some cool!

MELINDA'S GROWING CHALLENGE: Very happy with the borage, very unhappy with the broccoli

JENNIFER'S STOP THE LEAKS CHALLENGE: Didn't do much this week- still putting in window (hope to be done this week)


Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

are you interested in trying out my new "ditch the disposables" challenge? ;)
you know you wanna.

Burbanmom said...


Leaving a comment, since my emails to you always seem to float around indefinitely in cyberspace. :-) Obviously, this doesn't need to be published, just drop me a line at with your response. For whatever reason, when I respond to emails they are much more likely to make it back. Technology sucks.

Anyhow, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if you could do some guest posts on water conservation that the average joe can do from home. Things like, how to install a low flow waterhead (or even where to buy one and what to look for); how to fix a leaky toilet or faucet; you know, stuff that most of us tend to assume is beyond our scope but, in reality, if we had a professional telling us how to do it, we'd manage ok. I hate to give advice in this area because I have no idea what I'm talking about and most of my home improvement projects are trial and error (heavy on the "error").

Anyhow, I would be most super-duper appreciative if you would consider some guest posting this month. Whatever professional advice you can offer the homemaker (or renter) in their attempts to save water!

Of course, in return, I'd be more than happy to sew you up something (ever want to be a pirate? or have some stylin' draft dodgers?), send you a case of beer or just offer a hearty "thanks, man, you rock!". You name it!

Thanks, Rob! Let me know if you're up for it!

- Erin