Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Salesmen

Crap oh crap- School is in session. Today the first of the little salespeople came around. I wish parents wouldn't send their kids around selling stuff. I am not being mean. In fact I would say I am something of a soft touch when it comes to kids trying to raise money for projects at their schools, due to the district not issuing enough money for sports and the arts, the first programs to get cut in our district. I know in my heart the kids would rather be involved in these programs rather than being little sales people trying to keep these programs alive. I know that I only support candidates that are willing to fund these programs (i.e. no republicans) but it has to come down with the residents. I know my mom is tired of paying for other peoples kids, as she puts it.

I have to disagree with her. We always used to support levies in our house growing up, chiefly because my dad worked for the school district. But as I get older, I feel that supporting schools is the right thing to do, because good schools make good adults. That is their product. And while it may keep house taxes up, good schools make good House values.

Anyway- i bought two packages of wrapping paper. Told you I was a soft touch.


ib mommy said...

I hate that crap! Every year my kids come home with fundraising material and I send it back. I've asked if I could just donate money and they won't take it. Last year my oldest told the administrators she wasn't going to sell coupon books and they FORCED her to take it. When she didn't sell it they tried to make her pay for it. Fundraiser Nazis!

BTW- would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies??

Burbanmom said...

Yeah, my kiddos came home on the FIRST DAY OF PRECHOOL with their damned Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraiser Packet.

I'd be really pissed, except I LOVE those Snickerdoodles! :-)

BUT, I stayed strong and only ordered four tubs of the stuff. I will be volunteering and offering to pay for shipping on the Crayon Bin Recycles Program instead.

IBM - I'll take some of them cookies!

Verde said...

As a parent I hate the schools USING kids in this way. Add to that we get nickled and dimed to death for stuff from the school and we have to pay fees.

Some lady was complaining about paying for education in the Dr. office. I wanted to ask her if she wanted the uneducated caring for her.

Fill your RX? sure. but I don't reed and scifer too good.

Hey, speaking of sales, I've got a 21 day challenge going over at my place.

Abby said...

I completely agree about the levies. I don't know what my own parents did, but I will ALWAYS vote yes on a levy, for that very reason. Good for you for understanding the importance of education. Not many people seem to care anymore, and it always makes me happy to read someone's thoughts that do!
I also agree about the fundraising. We had to sell calendars for marching band uniforms (that weren't bought until 4 years AFTER I graduated), and I absolutely hated it. We lived in a country village, so we'd have one mom just drive us all over the country asking people to buy our stupid band calendar.

DP Nguyen said...

Awww, lol. You are right... good schools turn innocent kids into good adults...

Bad schooling turns innocent kids into mean adults and crooks, lol.