Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekly Challenge Update: Phew I am tired!

This week was extremely busy on the home front (amazing what unemployment will do for working around the house) Did some guest posts for Burban Mom on her Going Green blog on plumbing repair and saving water-although I think she likes plumbing terms like “ball cock” and “nipples”! Anyway, I got a lot of shit done, got a plumbing job tomorrow to do for my cousin. Damn relatives- they just wait for a strike!

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge WEEK 15
Plant something: Broccoli (again), Turnips, Kale and Corn salad
Prep something: Took a class at Seattle Free School on growing sprouts- made some sprout growing jars out of mason jars and window screenHarvest something- More tomatoes, The last of the cucumbers or so I thought, I left two vines that have some baby cukes growing on them; lettuce; a few peas
Manage something- Got the window added to the kitchen- This is good for adding light and for warmth from the sun as it is on the South side of the house. Got the guest room/office organized a bit better, made some window screen Mason Jar growing thingys for sprouting
Cook Something New: Okay I broke down and finally made Melinda’s Lowfat Pancrack (Pancakes) since every one was saying how wonderful it is- And it is. Also, I was cooking an acorn squash and figured why not roast the seeds? So I did- Yummy little crunchy seeds- prepped them the same way as pumpkin seeds! And I did it the same time as I cooked the squash!
Work on Local Food Systems: Took a class at Seattle Free School on on growing sprouts, one of the advantages of the strike is I can attend classes and meetings!
Re-Cycle, Re-Use, Reduce, Repair or Compost something: Re-used lumber in my Window project. The lumber came from demolition when I had the addition put on my house. Re-used window trim leftover from addition project. Re-used a wine cork and a gin bottle in a lamp project; composted garden “junk”; re-used flyers from car show- I take the backside of flyers and use them when I print out things on my computer; Re-use some booze bottles for Oil Lamps; Used some leftover window screen to make Sprouting jars, and re-used some of my half pint jelly jars as well!
Learn a skill: Making oil lamps out of bottles- You can use olive oil for these or corn oil or safflower oil, but I chose lamp oil for my first one; Took a class at Seattle Free School on growing sprouts

MELINDA'S GROWING CHALLENGE Borage still great- about the end of it’s life; I might try freezing it or maybe dehydrating it. I really recommend this plant!
Broccoli- I have decided to replant broccoli seeds since I have appeared to kill mine. I will plant them in the garlic planter, since it is an "Earth-Tainer" and watering should not be a problem and the garlic of course hasn’t grown yet- Ooops- Just looking at the garlic planter and I have something growing already- so I planted broccoli in the squash box since it is mostly cleaned out

JENNIFER'S STOP THE LEAKS CHALLENGE Finished installing the window in the kitchen- Now on to the garage! I am going to install four windows in there replacing the corrugated fiberglass panels already there. I got the windows at 2nd Use.

CRUNCHY DOMESTIC GODDESS' DITCH THE DISPOSABLES CHALENGE I Failed on this one. I stopped for a coffee and forgot my commuter mug. Luckily the cup at Tully’s was compostable- but that doesn’t make it all right. It’s very unusual for me to forget my mug. Anyway I didn’t forget it any other time this week.

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