Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rather uneventful day!

I took the second class in the WSU Extension Service "Tools for Resourceful Living" series tonight. Tonight was "Productive Vegetable Gardening in Small Spaces- Planning Raised Beds and Containers". It is always nice to know when you are or are not doing things correctly.
The "facilitator" was a King County Master gardener, former biology teacher, professor and pretty good speaker. I like these classes but whatever happened to recess???

And I made an apple crisp to celebrate the apple harvest! I got almost two bags off my little apple tree and the neighbors branches that hang over the fence!

And finally, got a great pic of a bee enjoying the borage!


Verde said...

Sounds good. Recess is good. I thought I could smell the apple crisp. My nose was really working there. I think I'll have to drive several hours to the airport and fly in and get transport to take those classes too.

ib mommy said...

Middle kid asked me if I could make the next apple crisp with no apples.... can't you just put in the sugar and goopey stuff??

Glad you are enjoying your classes.... it's amazing what kinds of opportunities are out there through your local extension office!

DP Nguyen said...

That apple crisp looks so good. I'll have to make some this year with our excess apples.