Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My uncle sent me an email with some of his fave Country and Western Songs. That's what is cool about my uncle. He listens to both kinds of music-Country And Western


10. I Hate Every Bone In Her Body But Mine

9. I Ain't Never Gone To Bed With an Ugly Woman But I Woke Up With a Few

8. If The Phone Don't Ring, You'll Know It's Me

7. I've Missed You, But My Aim's Improvin'

6. Wouldn't Take Her To A Dogfight 'Cause I'm Scared She'd Win

5. I'm So Miserable Without You It's Like You're Still Here

4. My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend And I Miss Him

3. She Took My Ring and Gave Me the Finger

2. She's Lookin' Better with Every Beer

And the Number One Country & Western song is...

1. It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chewed My Ass All Day

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Young Snowbird said...

Joe Nicols III has a song called Tequila makes her clothes fall off. Pretty cute song.

Those country & western songs sure have some colorful stories in them, don't they?