Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weed Eaters

The Whole Group- notice the man and dog on the right! Picture from RED RED CIRCLE / Maureen Hoffman
Bedstraw (which grows crazy around my house) and Shot Weed
 Picture from RED RED CIRCLE / Maureen Hoffman

On Sunday, I went with my Sustainable Burien group on a foraging hike. Around a local park on Puget Sound, Seahurst Park. The hike was headed Master forager, Melany Vorass, and she explained many kinds of different edible weeds Catsear, Horsetail, Dock, Shotweed and Nettles, including how to cook with the different varieties, what parts to eat, what could be poisonous, etc. I have a lot of books on this but need expertise like Melany's on actual picking. Great class!

More on the SUBU weed eating walk thru class at my friend  Maureen's Blog!
Melany Vorass on the Internet:
Essential Bread
Weed Cuisine


M-on-a-bike said...

That was pretty fun, wasn't it! I don't know about eating Sonchus Sow Thistle, though. It doesn't LOOK edible in any way, and with a name like "thistle", hmmm.

Thanks for the cross-link, Rob, and photo attribution.

: )

Robj98168 said...

Yes Mo- but you eat artichokes... they're a thistle. I always give credit when I nab a photo or two, especially when you'res are so doos and mine are not so much!

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