Friday, April 6, 2012

Please think Twice before buying a bunny or chick for easter

Please. Don't. Buy a chocolate bunny instead.
You see, a lot of folks don't know how expensive and how much responsibility owning a bunny can be.
I learned the hard way.

Years ago, some friends learned that I was thinking (thinking mind you) of getting a couple of rabbits. When I bought this old barn- there was a hutch out back.
But I digress...
Anyway, Sammya and Jordan decided I was the one to take their bunny. They got this bunny, a doe, by accident. They wanted a buck. So they got a buck. And completely ignored the doe. Left in a cage all the time, with no interaction. So when they heard I was thinking of a rabbit they gifted Redeye to me. Well, long story short (I know- too late) Redeye was an okay rabbit- now remember I always had puppies and kitties... and a pygmy hamster before. Well I soon found out having a rabbit can be a lot of work! And expense, Vets, while wonderful people, need to make a living so they charge for things like cutting Rabbit nails and filing down teeth. (depending on whether you are prepared to learn how to cut their nails, watch their teeth etc.etc.) I didn't learn how to cut her nails, so to the vet every couple of months or so.  Then the teeth. Of course I am no expert on Bunny Orthodontics, but there were a couple of issues there as well.
Well Redeye lived to a fairly old age.
But I can't help think if her life would have been better had Sammy and Jordan not wanted a bunny. Or if I hadn't seen that damned hutch. And honestly Redeye never lived in the Hutch. She liked looking at me, the dogs and cats so much I never had the heart to make her move out to the hutch. Now if your child wants a pet and can take care of a bunny, then by all means get a bunny. But if they think it is just something that takes car of it's self, then please reconsider and go for chocolate.

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