Friday, April 27, 2012

Independence Days Challenge Week of 4/27

The Window Box garden
Plant: Planted romaine lettuce, chard, Red Sails lettuce in the window box garden; Peas, beans and Cauliflower in the community plot;
Harvest: Dandelion leaves, Romaine lettuce leaves, Arugula leaves
Preserve ; Trying re rooting a celery plant and some spring onions
Prepare: Finally got the down spout on the gutter and into the rain Barrel!
Local Foods: Harvested my own!
Community: DOnated some tomato plants to the food bank garden; Attended a fundraiser for the Environmental Sciennce center; attnded a fundraiser for a gall with cancer
Eat the food: Dandelion leaves, arugula and lettuce combined in a salad
Repair, Re-use, Reduce, Recycle: Found a wastebasket just rolling around on the street, it became a garden container! Big Gulp cups as garden containers!

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Kathe said...

We just got the rain diverter on the downspout for the rain barrels last weekend! Big ole thunder/ rain storm last night. I now have 110 gallons of water saved for my gardens! Yippee!