Thursday, April 12, 2012

Help Blitzkreig Fight!

Blitzkreig Cancer Treatment Fund

If you know blogger Lisa Nelson-Woods, of Condo Blues fame, then you obviously have met her Pekingese companion and muse, Blitzkrieg.
Photo property of Condo Blues/Lisa Nelson-Woods

Well, Lisa posted sad news- Little Blitzy has lymphoma, a form of cancer. And she has started a fund to help pay for Blitzy's treatment. And I encourage all of you to donate. Poor little dog has had a hard life before Lisa and her husband rescued him- he was beaten and kicked, resulting in him losing an eye (that's why he always looks like he is winking at you), and a tooth- after all the horror of his past life, he found a home full of love with Lisa, And he learned some tricks, and works hard at shows and pet charities as an example of what a rescue can do! And you know, I cant even imagine what I would do if my dog Romeo, was going through the same thing. So even if all you can give is $5 or $10 I encourage you to do so. And let's help this little fellow beat this cancer!

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Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Thank you so much Rob. This means the world to Blitzkrieg and I.