Friday, April 20, 2012

Independence Days Challenge for the week of 4/20

 Horsetail- who knew they were edible and delicous with butter and garlic
My re-used head board pea trellis

Harvest: Catsear greens,dandelion greens, Horsetail, Dock, Shotweed and Nettles; chard, sorrell, spring onions, kale; some Fennel fronds that wintered over and has new growth
Prepare: Cleaned out my old bed at the community garden and prepped the new one! Vleaned out the window box and relined it with new planters that just fit from the Dollar Tree;
Local Foods: Catsear, Horsetail, Dock, Shotweed and Nettles
Community: Took a foraging class with Sustainable Burien
Eat the food: Steamed Horsetail with a garlic butter sauce, Catsear and Dandelion greens, spring onions and sorrell  in a Mache salad; tried the shotweed and dock raw. Nettles in tea.
Repair, Re-use, Reduce, Recycle: Reused a head board I was planning on for another garden project in the garden plot for a pea trellis; found a pair of used cowboy boots to use as a planter

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