Thursday, April 19, 2012

Great Re-Used Items in the community garden!

My pea trellis

You know, I was going to use this headboard to make a "Garden Bed", but I needed a trellis for my community garden plot! Well, sometimes things work out, and I have a nice pea trellis in my bed!
These shutters make great trellises as well
Reusing old pots as smaller pots is a great way to reuse cracked/chipped pots and extend the life of the pot!
Tomato Cages turned upside down make great Pea trellises as well!
Many of our tools are also re-used or recycled like this wheelbarrow. The old tire was frozen on the axle, so I replaced it with a tire from a childs bike... Works great!

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Kathe said...

Ack! I passed up a stack of shutters at Goodwill a few weeks ago because I couldn't think of what I would use them for! I need to think outside the house!