Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In Praise of Electric Yard Tools...

Lawnmowers are a way of life. You can choose an electric  or non corded electric for your yard. Some yards are just too big for that. Manufacturers are working hard on a solar powered lawnmower,  but for the most of us an Electric or Non-corded (battery powered) electric will do just fine. Couple that with a full implement of electric yard tools and you should be able to take great care of your yard. All the yard tools above are sold at Clean Air Gardening

Top Ten Reasons Electric/Battery Powered Yard Tools Are Better:

  1. Never have to pull start 
  2. Never have to fill with gasoline
  3. Never have to cart around gasoline cans
  4. Never have to mix oil and gas
  5. Never have to tune up the engine/motor
  6. 3- words- Plug 'N Play- you can use different tools from one power source
  7. No Emissions
  8. Lower Noise pollution
  9. Electrics are cheaper to run
  10. Electrics are more environmentally friendly

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