Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sup(p)er Model

Television... The ultimate MEME; I am so ready for my moment in the spot light. To know I am loved by the camera and all the little people that got me here...

OK.. so maybe the camera don't love me, but that didn't stop me from reviewing three great restaurants in the Seattle area for an episode of Check Please NW on local PBS Station KCTS 9. (Ot airs Locally tonight at 7pm on KCTS channel 9 or after the air date here on your computer The show's host, Amy Penington is a local cookbook and gardening author and actually has a business of making and upkeep of urban farms. My fellow reviewers/guests Fieri and Katie, seemed to like my choice of restaurant- Hey Paison in Burien. Honestly- I could get used to the star lifestyle.... Taping day I went to the KCTS Studios, sat in the "greenroom" they did my "hair" (the hairdresser, he liked me the best- all he had to do was comb out my beard!) And got my make-up done- lots of powder on my head, even though the make-up artist was afraid of running out of powder!

"Rob,Why haven't we heard of this before now"?

Simple... I signed a N.D.A. (Non-Disclosure Agreement). So I couldn't talk! Here is the end result}

Check Please NW- The Rob Episode.


M-on-a-bike said...

Hey, Rob. That looked like the back of your head at the end of the preview. I hope we get to see your smiling face, the FRONT of your head, in the real show!

Robj98168 said...

That is my famous cueball. I would hope MY front is showing- at least during the Hey Paison segment as it was my pick!