Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekly Challenge Update

Independence Days Challenge Year 4, Week 14
Plant something-

In the greenhouse: Ever the optimist, started some Habenero and Jalapeno peppers, started some Bell peppers;

In the community garden plot: Rosemary and Thyme; Onion Chives

At home: Bought 2 Red Currant Bushes to plant and celebrate Arbor Day; added another rhubarb plant to the rhubarb patch ; Planted some spearmint and pepper mint in pots

Harvest something: Some sprouts; foraged some chickweed as well

Preserve something: Nada

Community: Attending a Community Garden Board meeting Today!

Preparation: Made a soil block maker and shared how on my blog!

Eat the food/eat something new: Strawberries “Shortcake” Strawberries and whipped cream over biscuits- great for breakfast! Some foraged chickweed in a salad.

Waste not: Used an old clamshell to start seeds; reusing pop bottles to plant the wall garden Want not: Bought 2 Red Currant Bushes to plant and celebrate Arbor Day Made it through this winters frozen bun’s challenge. Did not get a cold this year. I survived by wearing sweatshirts, using my snugglie, and my electric warming throw blanket. The boys survived with help from their “Petzzz” Heated Pillows. And Romeo survived with help from the electric throw as well. With an occasional Sammy Cat visit. Well my first fail on this one… I forgot about meatless Friday and had chicken legs for lunch. Oh well, dust myself off, wipe the chicken grease from my chin and start over again.

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