Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekly Challenge Update

Independence Days Challenge Year 4, Week 15

Plant something-

In the greenhouse: Nothing- waiting to repot!

In the community garden plot: Some Chard,

At home: Found one of my artichokes from last year either reseeded or wintered over- transplanted.

Harvest something: Dandelion greens and flowers

Preserve something:

Community: Started digging up some strawberry plants to plant at the Community Garden to share with others.

Preparation: Finished Bucket garden 2.0;

Eat the food/eat something new: dandelion greens in a salad

Waste not: scrap lumber making new garden bed borders Is pressure treated so using for a ornamental bed

Want not: Bought a new printer via Craig’s list; decided not to replace my computer- the dvd drive went out- both of them! Instead I bought an external DVD ROM drive for my netbook that works also on my PC.10% of the cost and almost none of the shipping packaging waste. Works fine. Soy Corn Dogs for dinner again. No wonder I get into ruts! But I love them!

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