Friday, April 29, 2011

One Small Change- LED Lightbulbs

I have a new small change- I am slowly replacing Compact FLuorescent's with Light EmittingDiode light bulbs. Note I said slowly as it makes no sense to get excited and change out my trusty CFL's before they burn out (And at $10 a pop for the LED's, dollar wise as well) Also, because the light is dimmer, I will have to make decisions on whether or not to change in some areas as I need light in those areas- like my kitchen (DOn't want to lop off a finger- especially the middle one- I need it for driving). I have CFL's in my fixture and don't think I should change until A- the LED's get cheaper and B- they become Brighter. But I did change the only incandescent lamp left in the house- the Laundry/Pantry. Couldn't before as that lamp is on a motion sensor that would not work with a CFL- but works fine with the LED. And I changed the porch light to a LED. Don't really notice a difference, and one of my reading lamps to LED- which takes some getting used to. I put the lamp on my "Kill-A-Watt" style meter and it came out at 1.5 watts! Pretty cool if I say so myself!


DK said...

I've thought about swapping out bulbs around here for the LEDs, but last I checked I couldn't get LED bulbs for less than $15 yet. $10 I can rationalize to the fiance, but not so much the $15+. We also still have CFLs in the closet since we bought an economy pack of them last time we got bulbs.

Robj98168 said...

DK- if you have an ACE Hardware anywhere in your area, check them out- that's were I bought mine at $9.99. One other cool thing is they will burn like forever- reducing the amount of changes. I am kinda in the same boat, I bought a carton of CFL's, so iy will take me a while before I change more.

EcoCatLady said...

Very Cool! Last time I looked they were something like $40 a pop. Next time I'm at the Ace Hardware I may have to get a few!