Saturday, April 23, 2011

At least I now Know What the green stands for...

I would be remiss, since this is Earth Day Week not to post a rant!!! (A rant? on Earth week???) Relax my green bunnies. My rant is on Planet Green. When Planet Green debuted I had hopes of a channel to show my kind of tv, Shows about conserving, saving, homesteading. And at first it was good. But lately all I see are shows on Jesus Christ, Fishing, and no more of the shows I love like Wasted, Living Like Ed, What Happened Planet Green? Succumb to advertiser pressure? Joining the MTV thang? (MTV When I was young and it had just started actually played MUSIC for christ sakes- now it is all Jersy Shore-Jackass-Snooky loving bullshit). Oh jest a rerun everynow and then of Living like Ed or Emeril Green. Is that to much to ask, you Corporate Media Assholes? Well I should of known- Same folks that produce DIY Network and of course all my favorite shows there are cancelled as well. Oh well at least I got an idea what the 'green' in Planet Green stands for!

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