Thursday, April 7, 2011

Free Lens Cleaner!

Okay, so the packaging leaves a lot to be desired, but I recently bought a pair of glasses at Costco and came across this lens cleaner kit. 2 bottles of cleaner and a travel bottle, 2 clothes, and a handy 6 in 1 screwdriver tool. What I like is they are refillable bottles, and Costco Optical has a handy refill station right there.And the refills are free! Makes for a nice day! And while I was waiting for my new glasses, a gal sauntered up to the refill station and refilled her bottles. Well you know, skeptic that I am, I asked her how long she has been doing this- "about 3 years" she answered. So I was sold.

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Plastic-free Beth Terry said...

Hey Rob. Do you have to bring back an actual lens cleaner bottle or could you refill any bottle? I heard Walmart does this too. I have to check it out.