Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How I Frame My Posters

Y'all know how much I love Propaganda posters, and you may or may not remember I ordered some modern day propaganda posters from Victory Garden of Tomorrow. Well they came and The Ikea Ribba Frames I selected with a mat built in didn't show the whole poster The mat opening wasn't big enough) So off to the store I went and got some different mats. Same problem. Then I remembered a trick one of my Teacher friends showed me when framing childrens art:

I cut colored poster board the size of the frame, and took a glue stick and glued the poster onto the poster board. Then I framed the whole thing. Looks good. Or rather good enough. I also framed a few other posters, one from the BIAS Art Space (I love my giant metal lady) to remember all the good times when it was around, and a poster from an MG Show I participated in.
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Chile said...

Good solution. Mine is to cut my own mats. Back when I did collage for sale, I had to learn how to mat it. Although I quit doing collage a decade ago, I kept the mat cutter and use it every couple of years.

Robj98168 said...

You know Chile I thought of that, but not having a mat cutter or the knowledge of using one stopped me. Lucky for me I kept the wrapping on the mats and the reciept and will be able to take them back!

Chile said...

They do have a learning curve, and because I use mine so rarely, I always waste a small mat relearning how to make the cuts right without overlapping in the corners. Glad you can return your unused mats!