Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DIY Soil Block Tool for seed starting

I made a soil block tool. I really wanted one, for seed starting, but couldn't justify the 199.00 expense at Johnny's, and even though deeply rooted organics has one for under $25., and it is a great looking tool, I decided to make one for frugality reasons. That's a nice way of saying I like yours, but hey I am cheap! And I came up with one for under $2. Anyway I took and 1 1/2" fender washer, put it on the end of a 1/4-20 X 4" bolt, and a 1 1/2" PVC Slip Plug found at Lowes for .98!
The easy way to find the center of the cap is to insert the washer and the hole is the center... drill here

Simply figured out the center of the plug, drilled a hole,

inserted bolt attached the fender washer and voila- A soil block tool on the cheap! Now- does it work? Lets find out!
One improvement to make: add a spring and a knob to the bolt. I only party down with the best at:
Hump Day link

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H2 said...

Nice work on the DIY soil blocker. Love the simplicity of it.

Who can even conceive of a $199 one?