Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doing Without

Oh Ok. Rebecca Jean at midnight maniac is nagging encouraging everyone to give up things for lent. Give it up for 40 (actually 46 days).So let me put on my pious pope hat and see what I can do.
Not a bad idea this. It gives one the oppurtunity to do a self check on some things We I may be getting a little slack on doing. And gives one the oppurtunity to save some cash as well.
For my part, I won't eat meat on Fridays, won't eat candy, give up buying lattes and mochas (note: coffee itself aint included). I reserve the right to eat fish on Fridays (if it works for Duh Pope, then it works for me) Anyway, It is a good challenge.


Rebecca Jean said...

Thanks for throwing your pope hat into the ring Rob. I hope you bank boatloads of cash by not buying those lattes and mochas!

♥ Rebecca Jean
Midnight Maniac

Maria said...

Hi Rob,

Thank you for stopping by my blog last week!

I also gave up the lattes and mochas for the Lenten season, but I gave up the coffee and tea and chocolate too - no more caffeine! Fish on Fridays was already a given!

Good luck in your journey of 40 days!