Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Urban HomeSteaders?

Is the President breaking the law??? With all this hooey about Urban Farming trademarks and such, I give you these facts:
Not since Thomas Jefferson, has a president been interested in growing their own food. Sure others have, I'm sure, but none that come to mind. Seems to me, then I would call the Obama's the First Family of Urban Homesteading. So, I'm thinking maybe Mr. President maybe should get into the fray over the Trademark Issue. It is only fitting. As President, Mr. Obama, moreover Mrs. Obama has shown class in in returning the food gardens to the white house landscaping. As I said the Obama's are the First Family of Urban Homesteading, not The Dervaes, so, Mr. President, take back the UH Name. Do it for democracy and the American Way. Do it for Freedom. Hell, Do it cause I want you to!

Now I am not fooling myself. Chances are the next republican elected president will tear out the garden and bring in paving to make a Nascar Track. Hell, even Reagan couldn't wait to tear out Jimmy Carter's Solar Panels on the White House. I always wondered if Reagan went up to the roof and said"Mr. Carter, Tear down those solar panels"

Anyway Mr. President, You now have the opportunity to show those that would copyright and disallow folks to practice in the 2nd oldest profession in the world that they cannot copyright a life style. Especially a lifestyle seem to have embraced, even if Michelle started it.

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The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...

Well as long as the first family does not call what they are doing "Urban Homesteading" they should be able to keep themselves out of the courtroom. The act of the lifestyle of growing food in your backyard obviously can not be trademarked just a term that goes with it. Much in the same way I can make "CVG Ketchup" but I can not make "CVG Heinz Ketchup"