Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Return of the Weekly Challenge Update

Ok I cannot leave. I need this challenge to keep myself honest. LOL, this year I am dividing it in the following categories:
  • Plant something- includes starting seeds, planting plants, sprouting
  • Harvest something- harvest what I planted, or what I have foraged
  • preserve something- preserving food by canning, freezing, dehydrating or fermenting
  • Local Food systems- helping out others with food projects
  • Preparation- preparing something to A) help with food production B)earn a living C) storage
  • eat the food/eat something new-show different ways to eat the food, discover new things
  • waste not- what is being done beyond recycling
  • want not - what is coming into the house to improve any of the above

Plant something: Started some leeks and chard, Started some basil, thyme and dill, started some tomatoes (I know I said I was done starting tomatoes but then someone gives some seeds and I feel obligated to give it one more try)started some bok choy. Celebrated my inner urban homesteader and set up my sprouter to sprout some beet sporuts, alfalfa sprouts and chick pea sprouts

Harvest something- nothing as of yet. Am lookingat removing the last of the carrots in the community plot, and of course will eat them

Preserve the food: Nothing yet

Local Food Systems- Nothing yet, but am encouraging a friend of mine to get a plot at the community garden.

Preperation- Moved the green house to a better location on the porch, Including battening down the hatches so to speak (screwing the bottom flaps of the green house to the porch floor- Remember it is like a tent, and the wind will carry it away); Set up my sprouter to use. Also got a Cricut “die cutter” for my birthday, experimenting and learning about it – future work for retirement.

Eat the food/eat something new- Tried some zuchinni/chicken casserole that mom made- didn’t much like it

Waste not- just the usual recycling/composting- Just about done with my studio, so far no new furnishing etc. in it- everything is something from somewhere else.

Want Not-Bought a heating tray for my plant starts

Friday went okay- It was easy not to eat meat as I just got done with a colonoscopy and wasn't hungry- so I ate Onion Soup and some bread. No candy this week, but i do have to admit to buying a package of girl scout cookies. Why oh why do they find the cutest little cherub of a girl scout to stand outside of Safeway? Oh well- it was after all for the girl scout programs
Still freezing waiting for April- not so bad this year as I have not had a major cold. Of course this year I have snugglie blanket and an electric throw blanket that I use in the bedroom to keep toasty.

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Rebecca Jean said...

I'll have to give you a free pass on the girl scout cookies. Everyone knows Girl Scouts are impossible to resist. Mmm.... thin mints.

Besides, I bought tights. Also impossible to resist.

♥ Rebecca Jean
Midnight Maniac