Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Trees are terrific in Cities and Towns"

Washington States's winning entry in this years Arbor Day poster contest!

"Trees are terrific in Cities and Towns" This years Arbor Day theme.
Long before earth day was Arbor Day a day when people celebrated by planting trees. In Washington state, arbor day is officially celebrated on the second Wednesday in April, but nationally it is April 30th. One of the ways I celebrate is Earth Day and sneak in Arbor Day too is plant a tree. This year I am planting a dwarf peach. Last year was the Columnar apples and a cherry tree. Year before that an apple tree. When I first moved into Rancho Flamingo, I planted my yellow chinese plum tree. If I keep it up I will have a nice small orchard in the years to come.
My new Dwarf Peach tree!

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