Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Start of Abbie's Challenge, End of Crunchy's Challenge

Today I am posting about Abbie, the farmers daughter. And her first challenge. You see, Abbie is a science teacher, new mother, wife, farmers daughter and pie baker extraordinaire. And she put up this challenge to all- Ab's says on her blog:

"I’ve decided to host my very first challenge at Farmer’s Daughter!!! I
challenge YOU to participate in National Environmental Education Week. At
some point during the week of April 11-17, educate someone about the
environment. It doesn’t have to be fancy! You can work with your kids,
your significant other, friends, or even pledge to educate yourself! Then write
a blog post about it and send me the link, and I’ll share the links here on
my blog."

Sounds pretty simple now, yes? I will be working on my Mom... not a total loss eco-speaking but being an apartment dweller she has some pretty small needs to be more eco-friendly. So here we go - a new challenge.

Crunchy's Skanky Stripping Weather Woman

My Not As Skanky as Crunchy's Stripping Weather Man

CRUNCHY'S FREEZE YOUR BUN'S OFF CHALLENGE WRAP UP: Well made it through another season of Ms. Chicken expecting us to shiver. I did however, manage to get a new thermometer with a stripping weather man- although not as sexy as Crunchella DeVil's. But then what is?? Anyway, with the help of programmable thermostats (Yes they do make them for baseboard/wall heaters) And a light cold season and no flu, I would say this one is a success for the year. Except for that week I had a horrendous cold and could not get warm no matter what.

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Farmer's Daughter said...

Can't wait to see what you do!