Thursday, April 29, 2010

(en)VISION E V's

EnVision's EV Pick UP... Made just for Me???

A lot has been written about those EV Sports cars like Tesla and the Lightning GT, that would cost a small fortune to buy. But what about the rest of us? Has nobody got the vision to make an affordable All EV for us?
Well enter EnVision Motors- a complete line of EV's that include a mini-van, a cargo van and a pick up! Based in Ames, Iowa, they plan to be on sale in the US by Summer 2010.
The vehicles will be outfitted with 24kWh sodium nickel chloride batteries and AC motors. The company states they'll have a max speed of 75 mph and a 200-mile range. They have on board chargers and can juice up at home on a 110V circuit in six to eight hours. The vehicles have already passed crash testing.
It is getting exciting! I am betting it won't be too long until I get my dream of an EV.

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Cheap Like Me said...

Wow! Mr. Cheap will be excited.

but now for the million-dollar question .... how much will they cost?

Oh wait - actually not SO bad! $35000 for the truck, minus the $7500 tax credit. Hmmm ....