Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have always lusted after these three tier planters for strawberries. But I have always shuddered at the price. $50?? At the risk of becoming known as Cheap Vegetable Gardener JR, I figured I could make one that would work as well as the store bought one. Well my dumpster diving has again come to the rescue. Remember a few weeks ago I rescued a kiddie pool out of mom's dumpster at the apartment complex? That is the base for my three tier planter. A concrete tree round is the second tier. A pot one of my apple trees came in with the bottom cut out is the top tier. added the strawberry plants and some kinnick kinnick or Bear berry ( a native fruit bearing ground cover) and I have a three tier strawberry planter minus the sprinkler through the middle- I figure since I prefer to water by hand it was not necessary.

My homemade DIY three tier planter- not as pretty but it should do the job- we'll see during the season how it works!


mudnessa said...

I absolutely LOVE it. Once it grows in you won't even notice that it might not be as "pretty". I wish I had more than a tiny patio to work with.

The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...

Funny you did this build. Have been meaning to do a wood pyramid version of one of these but can't seem to find the time to start...

I have been also thinking of a hydroponic version as well, guess I need to make up my mind.