Monday, April 26, 2010

PLANT'S I'll Grow again

Marianne Ianotti asks WHAT PLANT'S WILL YOU GROW AGAIN? on her garden blog. Reading it I assume she means what new and unusual plants will you grow again. For me, I want to grow some varieties of tomatoes I had good luck with last year like robin, Paul Robison, but seem to be failing at starting this year. Maybe I need to make one of these propogation stations for next season. I am definitely doing Artichokes again, this time in my garden bed, (Leaving the blueberry beds as the soil is to acidic- the bluberries love it though) and I would like to grow birdhouse gourds. Anyway my squash and gourds and pumpkins are doing great, just not the damn tomatoes and peppers. Melons are on my list, only this year I planted Minnesota Midget Cantaloupe instead of midget watermelons. And they live in the green house! And I plan on some herbs in my vertical garden.
What about you? what unique and different plants will you plant again this year?

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Rosa said...

I thought you planted Minnesota Midget last year?

Also, ask around - I bet you know some gardeners who started way too many tomato seeds. It can't just be here that happens.