Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting Dirt-y

I go to Burien Bark Supply to supplement my meager compost when building new beds. They can be very good. You can get Bark, compost, soil and mixed soil and gravel there. In a bag, if you don't want to mess up your car, loose if you have a truck or trailer, or delivered if you want a mountain of dirt in your driveway. This time I bought plastic bags of garden mix soil. Bags? Yes- It is easier for me to haul/lug the bags to the garden beds, then I save the bags for reuse. Most times, however, I would normally get 1/2 yard loaded into the pick up. When I order the gravel for the front yard, I will choose delivery. It's more economical to have them deliver 3 yards of gravel than me picking up 1/2 yard, making 6a trips, and easier too, They just back up the dump truck and dump their load, leaving me the wheelbarrow and shovel part of the job. Anyway- it has been fun over my life to watch this family run business grow. When I was little, they ran out of a small trailer with the huge piles of bark all around. Today they run out of the basement of a strip mall they built and manage. And the cool thing about them they always are ready to donate to community gardens, helping others grow too.

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