Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas picks

Newsweek has done it. Treehugger has done it, And of course Oprah has done it.And Organic Picks done it. Not to be outdone, (and because I am a lazy, blogger who doesn't have an original thought today) here are my picks for best Christmas gifts of 2008.

1- Mason Jars- preferably the 1/2 pint wide mouth size. You can never have enough of these little buggers.

2- A Kill-A-Watt- I actually have one of these somewhere in this house. It is perfect to use to find out which appliance uses too much electricity(you wouldn't believe what a coffee pot uses!) The perfect gift for someone who is a geek or has "geek-like" tendencies.

3-Seeds or a gift certificate to a favorite seed company!

4-Gift certificate to HARBOR FREIGHT (or as I call it Toys-R-Us). Okay the packaging is a bit much, but great prices on Solar garden lights, tools, Wool blankets and dutch ovens! Lots of gardening supplies for cheap as well.

5-A Terrapass Subscription for 2009- I have them for 3 of the cars and the scooter.
6- Books- They don't need to be wrapped!Just a simple nice ribbon or bow or even tie a nice scarf around a cook book, a gardening book or some such fare! And quite often I find some of the best books at the bargain bin at borders, or a used book stores, the latter being a great gift.
7- Vintage clothing- okay those who know me would say everything I have is vintage- But a nice sweater or a bowling shirt makes a great gift (at least to me it does) Can be bought at second hand stores
8- Supplies for a persons hobby- I asked santa for a couple of 10" mag wheel rims, no particular bolt pattern or anything. I got a little project to try. I hope santa listened cause he cold get them at any junk yard. Giving somebody art supplies or if they are like me, junk to make art, is a great gift!

9- For the kids- Wooden Puzzles, or toys that make them think. Last year I gave a couple of my cousins brats some toys they needed to construct- Kits to make crystal radios, Toy Solar powered cars. I love gifts that make kids think and make parents have to help them put it together!

10-Oh yeah- Peace on Earth, Goodwill to men etc., etc.


Chile said...

What?! Goodwill only to men?! What have you got against girls, Rob? Don't we rate any goodwill?

Your picture pick cracks me up as I heard on the morning news that ya'll have a rare snowstorm goin' on up there. LOL

We don't do much for Christmas but I like to give food. A canning friend that makes many of the same things I do is tough to select for, but I gave her a pomegranate trio: jelly, the dry chutney, and liqueur all made with the same pomegranates.

My mother-in-law, who's been busy decluttering her home, will get no clutter from us. She's getting a couple homemade jams and a loaf of homemade bread for her brekkies. I'm also trying to figure out what kind of emergency products we could get her that she would actually use. (The last part is the hard part...)

Thanks for good suggestions...except that last one.

Robj98168 said...

It's not nice to laugh at our cold weather. Bad Karma, Chile

Goodwill only to men is me being traditional. So goodwill to all and to all a good night