Monday, December 8, 2008


I got this lemonade from lemmons award from Chile. This award recognizes a person's ability to be positive and "make lemonade from lemons."

In Fact, Ms. Chile said:

"I am going to pass this award on to Rob. He went through an extended
period of not working recently due to a strike. Rather than sit around and mope, he jumped into a bunch of projects, challenges, and posted many helpful ideas and instructions on his blog during that time. He's also got a very useful
do-it-yourself blog with lots of interesting links."

Oooooh Chile,- if you only knew how much I can/do bitch and moan about little things.

The fact of the matter is that I can be very accepting, partly in how I was raised and partly due to life lessons. I have been sober and clean for since May 2, 1992- one of the first lessons I learned going into that "certain 12 step program" was KISS- Keep it simple, shithead and Don't ever take yourself too seriuosly. And I sure try not to. And sometimes I am successful at it!

But- that being said, I do handle things like strikes and scabs better than most. Because I realize that I am powerless to change those things and the things people do, so I may as well accept them.

Anyway thank you for the nice award, I really appreciate it. And I am not sure whom I will pass it on to.

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ib mommy said...

Congrats, you cheeky bastard.....